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April 12, 2012 / E. M. Wynter

The Best Guilt-Free Popcorn You’ll Ever Have

Ok, so I guess it’s possible to find an even healthier way to make popcorn, but I haven’t located it yet and this is one I choose even when I have the alternative of hot melted butter available. No joke. For those of you who haven’t heard of Brewer’s Yeast, it’s a high-protein seasoning common in vegetarian and vegan cooking and known for its cheddar cheese-like flavor. It truly is tasty, not weird at all, and when accompanied by its partner in crime, Flax Oil, there’s all kinds of good-for-you going on in this recipe. Be sure to add a dash of salt to really bring out all the flavors.

These days I’m eating probably two bowls of this stuff a week and when you pair it with Guinness like I have in this pic, I can’t think of a more guilt-free homemade Happy Hour 🙂

Oh, and just because I couldn’t resist, here is an article on the health benefits of the actual popcorn itself.

1/3 cup air-popped popcorn
Flax oil (can be found at health food stores in refrigerated section)
Brewer’s Yeast (also found at health food stores)
Popcorn salt (found in spice section; makes salting popcorn much easier)

Pop your popcorn in the air-popper until it’s popped to the desired level of poppery. Remember, air poppers work sans oil; just the circulating hot air does the trick beautifully. I think I bought my air popper at Target for about $18.

Once popped, drizzle on the flax oil straight from the cold bottle you’ve been storing in your fridge. No need to heat this oil, in fact, I think if you do, it will kill the nutrients. Then sprinkle on some Brewer’s Yeast liberally and follow with salt. Pop the top on your favorite beer, mineral water, soda or juice and enjoy it all in front of the tube; preferably with a movie that brings out either the child or the sap in you. One of my all-time favorites is Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.




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